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Where is it?

Casa Linda is in Ribeira do Conde, a tranquil hamlet in a small valley, surrounded by green hillsides, fields, forests, olive groves and vineyards. The river Ceira borders our property where you can swim in the clean water, fish and relax. In our gardens are seats where you can sit and read a book or watch the many butterflies and listen to the birds. Within walking distance is Cabril, a ravine where the river Ceira runs between high rocks with deep water, a fabulous spot to swim and picnic. High on the rocks is a chapel where you can enjoy stunning views of the valley and the surrounding countryside. At Casa Linda you are surrounded by a calm and beautiful nature.

Casa Linda is an ideal base from which to explore the region. You can walk or hike in the forest or cycle the lanes to explore villages. Maps and information are available. Ribeira do Conde belongs to the small market town of Serpins, which is 3 kilometers away and your starting point if you wish to go to Coimbra by bus. Serpins has a little church on top of a hill, shops, supermarket, cafés, Sunday market and the most famous bakery of the region.  

Four kilometers in the other direction is Vila Nova da Ceira, a pretty village with old cobbled streets, a square where the old men sit on their benches and with - of course - cafés. During your walks you will pass rural hamlets and villages where time seem to stand still. The numerous Saints days in catholic Portugal are a perfect occasion to party. In summer almost every weekend there is a celebration in one of the surrounding villages with a sardine barbeque, wine and music, where the young and old dance with great enthusiasm.

The nearest towns are Lousã and Gois. Lousã is an important centre in our region and the gateway to the Serra de Lousã with highlights like the Burgo, the river beaches and the shist mountain villages. The bus drives between Serpins and Lousã and takes just 10 minutes. Lousã, surrounded by the hills of the Serra is a pleasant town with all facilities, wher you can do your shopping and enjoy a coffee and a snack at one of tthe roadside cafés.

Gois is a charming small mountain town between the Serra de Açor and the Serra de Lousã with beautiful views and a lovely small church. Portugese families like to spend their Sunday afternoons by the side of the river Ceira in Gois. It is a pleasant place to picnic, swim and canoe.


The nearest city in our region is Coimbra, within an hour by bus from the village of Serpins. Coimbra is the third city of Portugal with the oldest University in Europe. The city is populated by students, they swarm the streets, the University buildings and the terraces. They sometimes wear the traditional black capes as they walk between the 20 'republicas', the old communal student housing. The city is built on a hilltop and has a lot of steep small alleyways, churches and squares, a citypark near the Praça de República and a famous and beautiful botanic garden. Coimbra is an imporrtant tourist attraction in Portugal and that is no wonder. a daytrip to Coimbra is something to look forward to !. The origins of Coimbra lie in Conimbriga, a site with old Roman ruins. It is the best example of ancient urbanism on the Iberian Peninsula, so they say, not only a must for connoisseurs but for everybody else. It is a beautiful, interesting site in a wonderful scenery.

In the city of Tomar, an hour drive south, you will find the monastery of the famous military religious congregation of the Templars which established their headquarters in Tomar in 1356. The monastery Convento de Cristo is now a Unesco World Heritage site.

Lorvão is a 30 minutes drive and is home to a well known beautiful old monastery. A 15 minutes drive further lies the spa town of Lusa. Families come here to fill their bottles with healthy spring water for free. Lusa is surrounded by the forest of Buçaco; the forest once belonged to a monastery whose monks planted trees and shrubs from overseas countries and the result is wonderful and exotic. The forest is now a Portugese national heritage site. In the middle of the forest one of the former Portugese kings built a miraculous palace. now a luxury 5 stars hotel. Between Lorvão and Penacova on the top of a hill with a splendid view, you find some old wind mills, some of them still being used

Piodão: one hour drive, at the feet of the Serra de Estrela, behind Arganil and the Serra de Açor, is an authentic Portugese village and is a Unesco World Heritage site

For a day at the beach: in just over one hour you can drive to the lively seaside resort of Figueira da Foz. From there the endless Atlantic beaches stretch to the north and south and you will find quiet, empty rocky and sandy beaches.



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The wihte city of Lousã (12 km.), pretty historic centre; by car, bus or bike.
Vila Nova da Ceira and Gois (resp. 4 en 10 km.), by car or bike or on foot.
The famous university town of Coimbra (30 km.); by car or bus.
The impressive ruins of Conimbriga, vast ancient Roman settlement; by car or bus from Coimbra.
Tomar with the monastery of the famous Templars, Unesco World Heritage; by car.
Several walks and bicycle trips.
A day to the beach by car.
The Serra de Lousã with lovely, partly restaurated schist villages, the fabulous location of the Castle (Burgo); by car.
Penacova, old wind mill park, the monastery of Lorvão, Spa town Luso and Buçaco palace and forest, by car.
Unesco World Heritage mountainvillage Piodão; by car.

Local organizations also offer various outdoor activities like canyoning, canoing, mountainbiking, paragliding, trips by jeep and also guided walks. Information available.

We summed up just some out of many possibilities in the direct surroundings of Casa Linda. Of course there are many more daytrips to make (more than 1,5 hour drive). 

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